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Through the Indiana College Network, or ICN, Indiana colleges and universities work together, to help you learn about and enroll in the wide range of programs and courses available at a distance.

Distance learning provides a tremendous opportunity for those whose obligations or schedules prevented them from realizing their educational dreams.

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Need a test proctored? We can help!

We've collected information on nearly 100 locations throughout the state that provide test proctoring services. Policies and procedures for handling tests vary by location, so be sure to make arrangements well in advance of your exam date.

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Search Map for Learning & Testing Centers

In addition to providing information about a variety of credit and noncredit educational and training opportunities available to residents of their communities, learning centers provide access to the technology distance learners need to complete their assignments and communicate with their instructors. Learning center coordinators have experience helping distance students conquer their challenges. If they don’t know the answer to your questions, they have the resources to find it for you.

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Assistance from ICN

As you pursue your education from one of Indiana's colleges and universities, ICN can assist you with questions ranging from choosing a degree program to locating resources to help you succeed.

ICN services include: Helping you navigate your way through the ICN Course Catalog or the Web site; Providing assistance during the registration process; Assisting you in communicating with instructors, coordinators...

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