The Indiana College Network helps learners locate and register for credit and noncredit courses offered by Indiana's colleges and universities. The links below will introduce you to the colleges and universities that participate in ICN, including their tuition rates; walk you through the admission and registration processes; and help you understand procedures for transferring and dropping/withdrawing from distance education courses.

  • Admission
    Whether you are seeking a degree or want to take a single class or two, you must be admitted to the Indiana college or university that will serve as your Home Institution.

  • Registration
    The procedures for registering for distance education courses varies.

  • Participating Institutions
    All of Indiana's public colleges and universities, as well as many private schools and other educational providers, list their courses, programs, and/or services with ICN.

  • Transferring Courses
    The process for transferring courses between ICN colleges and universities varies by the participation level of each institution.

  • Dropping Courses
    In order to drop or withdraw from a distance education course, an official drop form must be filed with your Home Institution.

  • Tuition and Fees
    These links will take you to the tuition pages of ICN colleges and universities and, in many cases, will walk you through the process of calculating your tuition and fees.