Admission Overview

The Indiana College Network helps learners locate credit and noncredit courses and programs available at a distance from Indiana colleges, universities, and educational partners. ICN itself does not offer distance education courses programs, or confer degrees—those come from our accredited member institutions.

Whether you are seeking a degree or simply want to take a class or two, you must be admitted to the college or university that will serve as your Home Institution (the institution that maintains your records and will confer your degree, if you are degree seeking). If you are already admitted to your Home Institution, you are ready to register for classes. If you are not currently admitted, you may apply online by selecting the appropriate link at the left.

NOTE: Not all Indiana colleges and universities offer distance education courses and/or programs. 

Undergraduate Admission

Degree-Seeking Students
If you plan to earn a degree or certificate at a distance, you must be admitted to the institution that will confer your degree, also called your Home Institution. If you are not currently admitted to your Home Institution, you may apply for admission online (see link at left). Official high school transcripts (or GED), and any college transcripts from other institutions you may have attended, should be mailed to the admissions office of the selected institution. Depending upon the institution, an admission fee may be required. Notification of admittance will be sent to you directly from that institution.

Late Applicants
The admission application process can take several weeks once all documents have been received. If you are applying for admission at the last minute, you may want to consider enrolling temporarily as a nondegree-seeking student (see below), with the advice of an academic adviser, while formal admission is completed.

Out-of-State Students
Some ICN member institutions have reciprocal agreements with institutions in bordering states that allow out-of-state students to apply for admission as in-state students. If you are not an Indiana resident but would like to apply for admission to an ICN participating institution, contact the ICN campus coordinator at the selected institution to determine if you qualify for in-state status. The ICN coordinator can help identify an appropriate advisor for you.

Nondegree-Seeking Students
Most universities and colleges allow students to take a limited number of credit hours, typically up to 12, as a nondegree-seeking "visiting or guest" student. If you are not currently admitted to your Home Institution (the college or university that will process your enrollment, maintain your records, issue your grades, and provide financial aid services), you may create an ICN account and apply for nondegree admission through the ICN Common Undergraduate Nondegree Admission Application (see link at left). Applicants must have earned a high school diploma or GED.


If you decide to take classes from two different institutions, apply for nondegree admission at each institution.

International Students
Although some ICN participating institutions have separate admission forms for international students, not all do. Check the link at your left for international admission applications. If one is not available, contact the ICN campus coordinator at the selected institution for information on international admission.

Graduate Admission

Students who have completed four-year degrees may apply for admission to a graduate degree program (see link at left). While some ICN member institutions allow their graduate students to register through ICN for classes from other ICN participating institutions, some do not. Be sure to check with the ICN campus coordinator at your selected institution for further information.