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Ivy Tech is a statewide, open-access college with campuses in 23 communities throughout Indiana. Campuses are organized into 14 administrative regions. The Anderson, Marion, and Muncie campuses comprise the East Central Region.


Ivy Tech operates on a semester basis, fall and spring with one summer term. Semester enrollments are counted ten days after the beginning of each term (ten-day count) and at the end of each term (end of term count). For more information, visit: www.ivytech.edu/oir/enrollhist/.

Application Deadlines

Apply online to the campus of your choice using Ivy Tech's online admission form.

Unlike other colleges and universities, Ivy Tech does not charge an application fee. Use the following link for contact information from the 23 campuses found throughout the state of Indiana, www.ivytech.edu/academics/officeadm/.

Visit www.ivytech.edu/eastcentral/admissions/ for more information.

Needed for Admission

All degree-seeking students must submit high school transcripts or GED scores. Prior to enrolling in classes, all degree-seeking students must participate in the ASSET course placement assessment.

Typical Costs

$91.30 per credit for in-state students
$119.45 for out-of-state students in distance education courses

$40 technology charged each semester
$10.00 per credit hour fee for distance education courses

Fees subject to change.


Withdrawals and Refunds

Students choosing to drop or withdraw from a course or courses must notify the College in writing using the drop-and-add or withdrawal form. The fee refund for voluntary withdrawal from a class, when applicable, will be processed only after the student files a College drop-and-add or withdrawal form with the Registrars Office.

Visit www.ivytech.edu/studentaffairs/officeregistrar/ for more information.

The College will refund student fees on the following schedule for a regular (16-week) semester: 

— From registration to 10th business day of the semester 100% refund
— After the 10th business day- No refund

Financial Aid

71% of degree-seeking students receive aid. Aid is available for nondegree-seeking students. Available aid includes federal, state, and institutional funds in the form of grants, scholarships, and loans.

Pre-College Information

For pre-college information, see:

For Dual Credit

information, see 



For More Information


ICN Coordinator

Cynthia Barr
Fax: 765.284.8301
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Information is available at:


Coco Brooks
Associate Dean, Student Affairs
765.643.7133, Ext. 2307
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Financial Aid

Donna Johns
Associate Director of Financial Aid
765.643.7133, Ext. 2348
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Ivy Tech Anderson Bookstore
104 W 53rd Street
Anderson, IN 46013
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Library Support

David Sarah
Library Assistant
765.643.7133 or 1.800.644.4882 Ext. 2313
M-R: 7:30am-9pm; F: 7:30am-4pm S: 8am-12:00pm (summer and break hours vary)

Academic Calendar

Visit http://www.ivytech.edu/eastcentral/
calendars/ for information.