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Purdue College of Technology Statewide, also referred to as Purdue Statewide Technology, is an extension of Purdue University College of Technology and resides in ten Indiana communities including South Bend, Kokomo, Lafayette, Richmond, Anderson, Indianapolis, Vincennes, Columbus, Greensburg, and New Albany. Purdue Statewide Technology offers degree programs that follow the same curriculum requirements as the programs on the Purdue University West Lafayette campus. Each stateside location has specific degree programs that are regionally determined by current and projected workforce needs within the region. The classes are taught by Purdue faculty or those approved by academic department heads. The students have a low student-to-faculty ratio and access to cutting-edge technology while obtaining a world-class education in their community


Students at Purdue Statewide Technology are admitted directly into, and are a part of, the Purdue University College of Technology. Acceptance as a new student is influenced by many factors. Admission generally is governed by the same criteria applied to students seeking admission to the West Lafayette Campus.

Needed for Admission

For high school seniors and recent graduates (two years or less):

  • English-8 semesters
  • Academic Math-6 semesters
  • Laboratory Science-4 semesters

For transfer students who have coursework at a post-secondary institution:

  • Grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale -or equivalent
  • High school diploma
  • In good standing at all schools previously attended
  • Meet subject-matter requirements

For adults who have been out of high school three years or more:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Admissions decisions are made on an individual basis, taking into consideration such factors as a student's work history,military service,
    high school record, previous academic or vocational coursework, etc.

Typical Costs

Student fees/credit hour vary by statewide location (general service fee, Learning Center fee, and technology fee).

Withdrawals and Refunds

A student who wishes to withdraw from the University during any semester or summer session shall begin the withdrawal process by securing a withdrawal form at their statewide location. When a student withdraws from the university, the registrar will issue authorization for refunds in accordance with the existing policy regarding such refunds.

Visit www.purdue.edu/odos/services/withdrawal.htm for more information.

Financial Aid

78% of students receive financial aid in some form
(grants, loans, employment, athletic aid, etc.)

Pre-College Information

Office of Admissions
Schleman Hall
475 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2050
Fax: 765.494.0544
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ICN Coordinator

Valorie Moorman
Student Services Coordinator,
Distance Education Coordinator,
Purdue University - College of Technology
422 E. Central Ave
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Ph: 812.662.8686
Fax: 812.662.1951
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