What is a Learning Center?

The working definition of an Learning Center is an outreach center where students can come for the following services:

  • Internet access
  • A two-way video conferencing site and an IHETS satellite receive site
  • The assistance of a trained Learning Center Ccoordinator
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant access

Offering Internet access

The Learning Centers' Internet connection allows a student without a home computer to access the Web and use e-mail for college courses from member institutions. Computers with Internet access must be available for students. The student is responsible, with advice from the coordinator, for finding an Internet provider, either with an account from their home institution or a local Internet service provider.

Coordinators can ask students at a first meeting about their familiarity with computers, either at the center or at home. A student who is not confident using a computer may require a short session with the coordinator or may need to find assistance at a nearby public library or a public school district that furnishes instruction.

Providing access to a two-way video conferencing site

Two-way video conferencing over Indiana’s own closed video and data network is available on many university and college campuses and at other locations in certain public schools and libraries. The ICN online course catalog shows which classes use two-way video conferencing as a delivery method. With this course delivery, the instructor can see and talk to students at different locations and learners can see and talk to one another along with their instructor during discussions. Additional interaction is available via phone, chat mode, e-mail, or similar methods.

Providing an IHETS Interactive receive site

These sites are often available at local public schools, public libraries, or businesses sites, although business sites may only offer access to employees. Consult a Learning Center coordinator find an appropriate receive site.

Using the services of ICN campus and learning center coordinators

Coordinators, through their own professional development or the on-going coordinator meetings and notes from those meetings, keep up-to-date with one another around the state, whether on-campus or off-campus learning centers. Students should feel confident that an ICN campus coordinator will help them enroll in classes from other institutions and that Learning Center coordinators will help them enroll from an outreach location and access the equipment and services needed to take the course.

Learning Center coordinators on college campuses largely make sure students have what they need to take courses, while Learning Center coordinators at outreach centers off campus provide additional student-support services. Campus coordinators are a liaison between the distance learner and student support-services of both the originating and home institution.

Ensuring ADA compliance

All Learning Centers must be ADA-compliant. Every attempt will be made to rectify questions of compliance for the benefit of students using Learning Centers.