IHETS/ICN staff support

Director of Academic Services
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Role: The Director of Academic Services is responsible for the program development, leadership, and implementation of all IHETS eLearning services. Oversee the development and coordination of the Indiana College Network (ICN) and all IHETS effors to improve state-wide awareness and recognition of distance learning courses and programs offered by public, private colleges and universities. Direct the effors of the eLearning staff and coordinate at the strategic and tactical levels with other functions of the organization. Serve as primary representative and spokesperson to all member and affiliate organizations.

IHETS training manager
Tim Paige, 317.263.8967

Role: Responsible for addressing the needs of existing and prospective IHETS Interactive receive sites to enhance their abilities to deliver courses from the member institutions to students at their locations; provide staff support, information, and training for effective network utilization at video service sites; serve as in-house expert on program information of video courses.

ICN information specialist
Role: Responsible for taking calls, logging calls/mail, and filling orders related to the Indiana College Network. Provide assistance to callers in navigating ICN web site, answering questions regarding ICN, and providing information regarding careers, financial aid, and other distance education programs not offered by member institutions.

Campus coordinators and on-campus contacts