When the Indiana College Network began making distance classes available in 1994, students were directed to newly appointed campus and Learning Center coordinators for assistance in registering for distance classes. At the same time, the former electronic campus of southeastern Indiana renamed their existing outreach sites into ICN Learning Centers.

The more detailed establishing document for ICN Learning Centers describes intial planning for learning centers. Growth has followed the centers that formed to offer distance learning and degree programs around the state.

On-campus ICN Learning Center

On-campus Learning Centers that serve students taking ICN classes often are virtual centers. In such a center, access to technology depends on availability in different locations on campus. Computer access may be in the library while two-way video conferencing is in a classroom area. The campus coordinator may not be in the same building as student resources, such as a copy machine or video conferencing rooms. Other campuses have access to learner services in one area of a library or a communication center for the campus.

All college and university campuses that offer distance classes through the ICN online catalog have a campus coordinator whose office acts as the one-stop location for distance learner services. The campus coordinator oversees the learners interaction with the following enrollment offices:

  • Financial aid or assistance
  • Admission
  • Registration
  • Bursar
  • Bookstore

The campus coordinator also can reach instructors and departmental offices to resolve learners questions, establish transferability of courses from one campus to another, and plan a path for grade reporting at the end of the course. Finally, the campus coordinators of both the home and originating institutions cooperatively assist the student.

Some campuses also have a Learning Center coordinator who makes sure the learner has access to the appropriate technology to take a distance class on campus.

Off-campus or independent ICN Learning Center

Off-campus ICN Learning Centers are active in over half the counties in Indiana. These centers are supported by universities or colleges that act as funding agents, both full and partial funding, and provide guidance in delivering post-secondary classes via distance. The centers, many of which depend on collaborative support from community sources, make the full ICN online catalog of courses available, with technology available in the center itself or around the community at public libraries, public schools, or other public sites.

Most centers operate with a collaborative advisory board from local businesses, health providers, schools, libraries, Department of Workforce Development, economic developers, and other representatives of their communities. Together, they offer ideas for programs that will benefit the sustainability of the community.

Many of these independent centers have additional post-secondary opportunities available throughout the year, with on-site face-to-face classes from nearby colleges and universities or locally developed noncredit programming. Many centers offer innovative classes that attract true lifelong learning students from elementary school age to older adults. Off-campus learning centers often offer skills training and other workforce development classes.

Several centers now have seen local citizens complete full degree programs at a distance, and some even moved on to graduate-level classes and degree programs.

Regional support

Most off-campus learning centers belong to a regional organization that works with the supporting higher education institution and develops a focus for all centers in the region.

There are three major organizational centers in Indiana.

  • College Cooperative Southeast (CCS)
    920 County Line Rd
    Batesville, IN 47006
    Bill St. Pierre, Director
    Phone: 888.744.7777
    Fax: 812.933.9016
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • South Central Education Alliance (SCEA)
    1012 16th St Ste 108
    Bedford, IN 47421
    Steven D. Ray, Director
    Phone: 888.532.7660
    Fax 812.275.5984
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Purdue Cooperative Extension-supported learning centers
    Purdue University
    Office for Continuing Education and Conferences
    Stewart Center Rm 116
    128 Memorial Mall
    West Lafayette, IN 47907-2034
    Joetta Burrous
    Phone: 765.496.3338
    Fax: 765.496.6384
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.