The Indiana College Network (ICN) will help you locate and enroll in distance education courses and programs offered by all of Indiana's public colleges and universities as well as a growing number of private institutions and high schools.

Each semester, thousands of credit and noncredit courses are offered via the Internet, videoconferencing, IHETS Interactive, CD-ROMs/DVDs, videotape, cable/public TV, and traditional correspondence. Some courses are offered in a single delivery mode, while others may be available in multiple modes or a combination of modes. There are also Open Enrollment courses that permit you to register at any time, and generally allow from six months to one year to complete. To review course descriptions, click on the link below.

ICN member institutions offer a variety of programs that can be completed entirely at a distancecertificates, licensures, endorsements, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as a number of degree-completion programs. If you live near a campus, you may also take on-campus courses to accelerate or supplement your program. To see the range of opportunities available, including full plans of study for each program, click the link below.

NOTE: Programs and course requirements can change from year to year and even semester to semester, so be sure to check with your advisor at your Home Institution to make sure your degree requirements are complete and correct.