Assistance from ICN

As you pursue your education from one of Indiana's colleges and universities, ICN can assist you with questions ranging from choosing a degree program to locating resources to help you succeed.

ICN services include:

  • Helping you navigate your way through the ICN Course Catalog or the Web site.
  • Providing assistance during the registration process.
  • Assisting you in communicating with instructors, campus coordinators, and learning center coordinators.
  • Providing financial aid information.
  • Providing comprehensive information on degrees and certificates.
  • Finding distance education courses/degrees that may be offered through alternative programs.

ICN Web resources:

  • ICN Campus Coordinator—List of the designated individuals at ICN colleges and universities who provide support for distance education students.
  • Learning Centers—Search by city or county.

Academic Advising

If you are pursuing a degree or certificate or expect to be, it is extremely important that you obtain academic advising from your Home Institution before registering for classes. The academic advisor at your Home Institution is an expert in your program of study. Without an academic advisor to review your plan of study and the courses you have taken so far, you could easily register for a course that won't count toward your program. Only your academic advisor can verify which specific courses will meet your degree requirements.

Academic advisors have access to entrance assessments you may have taken as well as your admission and academic records. In addition to understanding what courses you are prepared to take, they can also suggest campus services such as further academic assessments, career counseling, or credit for life experience.

Your academic advisor may also be able to suggest alternative classes that you can take as replacements for degree requirements. If you need a specific course to finish your program that is not available at your Home Institution, you can look in the ICN catalog for a similar course from another ICN institution.

To locate an academic advisor at your Home Institution, contact your ICN Campus Coordinator.

ICN Interinstitutional Registration Agreement
To ensure that a course from another ICN institution is accepted by your school or department at your Home Institution, ask your academic advisor to sign a copy of the ICN Interinstitutional Registration Agreement before registering for the course. And be sure to share a copy with your ICN Campus Coordinator.
Download here

Disability Services

ICN member colleges and universities are committed to providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities. Students with a qualified disability will be provided the same level and type of disability services that would be provided to a student in a campus-based offering, however, the manner in which these services are provided may differ to accommodate your needs.

If you have need of disability services, don't wait until the last minute. The sooner your needs are identified, the faster and better they can be accommodated. Work closely with your ICN campus coordinator to be sure you get the help you need. Do this as soon as possible, as some accommodations take time to arrange.

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Discrimination is Prohibited
Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibit discrimination on the basis of a disability and mandate equal access. Basically, any opportunity, program, or service provided to a student without a disability must be accessible to the student with a disability. Although the technical aspect of the accommodations and access process for distance learning is a continuing challenge, the law requires that all information technology be accessible.